A Message From The Chair

Thank you to all those who joined us to participate in our small and large D democratic process, held during the challenging circumstances of a pandemic, but resulting in record levels of attendance and participation by Mercer democrats.

More than 90% of our universe of eligible voters chose to express their voice on who should lead the Mercer County Democratic Committee for the next two years, in itself a great win for our democratic process. This is a tribute to our strength as a party, particularly in these challenging times. 

I am personally humbled and grateful for the overwhelming confidence that the county committee members have expressed by your votes, in my leadership, in our MCDC team, and in the positive, inclusive, transparent and energetic direction of our county party.  We are proud of our tremendous record of success over the past two years, and our vision to move Mercer forward.  We could not have achieved this huge victory and this record of success without the help and support of so many of you.  I look forward to continuing to hear from everyone in the party regarding your thoughts and ideas about how, together, we can continue to grow and diversify our county party.

It is time for all of us in Mercer to put this family business of the chair race behind us and to move forward united in our shared mission to restore the soul of America and put our Nation back on track.  We all have a lot of work to do between now and November 3. Our fellow citizens are counting on us as Democrats to conduct a unifying, powerful, motivating campaign that produces an unquestionable victory margin when all the votes are counted.  I ask everyone, to please join with me in this most important work.

I am pleased to share that Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes called to congratulate me on our victory.  We look forward to working together over the next two years to grow and build our county party, and most importantly, for great victories in the Presidential and Gubernatorial races in 2020 and 2021.

Keep the Faith!  And Keep Mercer Strong!!
Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson