A Message From The Chair

August 11, 2020
Dear Fellow Democrat,

Thank you again for your kind and broad county-wide support for my leadership as Mercer County Democratic Chair – we will continue the important work together.  Congratulations to our outstanding MCDC executive team, re-elected officers:  Samuel Frisby, Vice Chair;  Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, 1st Vice Chair;  Terry West, 2nd Vice Chair;  Jennifer Coffey, 3rd Vice Chair;  Dan Smith, 4th Vice Chair;  Peter Nichols, Treasurer;  Howard Greenberg, Recording Secretary;  Elvin Montero, Sergeant at Arms, and Yingchao “YZ” Zhang, Sergeant at Arms, and new Corresponding Secretary Jon Durbin.  Thank you for your willingness to engage and your great contributions to Mercer County Democrats!

As Chair, I had created and am continuing and expanding an Outreach Committee to work with the Executive Board to bring more voices to the table.  This MCDC Outreach Committee now will include:  David McMillan (president, NJ College Democrats), Alana Burman (Mercer County Young Democrats), Johnnie Whittington (Building Trades), and City of Trenton leaders Cordelia Staton, Taiwanda Wilson, David Ponton, and Dante Boyer.  I have asked Crystal Feliciano to help out as our Communications Specialist.  We have formulated the MCDC Executive Board to well represent the rich diversity and talent within our County. 

Turn America Blue!!!  LET’S MOBILIZE FOR NOVEMBER!!!

We have created an organizing committee which already is meeting, to formulate our campaign plans and to actively engage county democrats in every municipality in our joined UNITED efforts.  I have asked Cathleen Lewis and Cordelia Staton to serve as MCDC Co-Coordinatorsand Sharon Shinkle Gardener and Charmi Patel-Pena to serve as MCDC Co-Vice Coordinators, for the Mercer Blue Wave Biden Campaign.  The other members of the MCDC campaign organizing committee are:  David Chait;  Chris Donnelly;  Joe Forte;  Ed Gittens;  Douglas Greene;  Bianca Jerez;  Sarah Kevett;  Seth Levin;  David McMillan;  Owen O’Donnell;  David Ponton;  David Sandahl;  Michael Spadoro;  Sam Weiss, and  Alice Weisman.  Thank you!

We will be reaching out to involve everyone who is interested in every part of Mercer County in this critical united effort.  Be able to answer “where were each of you” when the call came.

I look forward to continuing to hear from everyone in the party regarding your thoughts, ideas and inspirations about how, together, we can continue to grow and diversify our county party – and win this November 3 Election!

Kamala Harris Announced As Joe Biden’s Running Mate

84 days and Counting!!
Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson