A Message From The Chair

August 21, 2020

Dear Fellow Democrat,

It has been a historic and inspiring week as we watched the Democratic National Convention.  And with totally new experiences and formatting, bringing people together from around the nation.  We got to participate in many zoom events, creating convention memories as you can see in the New Jersey Delegate Virtual Breakfast screen below.

The contrasts offered by the Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the current surreal and alarming daily chaos were encouraging, optimistic, and surely motivating.  Perhaps one of the memorable and significant take-aways for all of us were the piercing words of former First Lady Michelle Obama:

President Barack Obama issued a strong and alarming clarion call to action:   “This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win.  So we have to get busy building it up – by pouring all our effort into these 76 days, and by voting like never before – for Joe and Kamala, and candidates up an down the ticket, so that we leave no doubt about what this country we love stands for – today and for all our days to come.”

Turn America Blue!!!  Mercer County Democratic Committee has created an organizing committee which is meeting, to formulate our campaign plans and to actively engage county democrats in every municipality in our joined UNITED efforts.  I have asked Cathleen Lewis and Cordelia Staton to serve as MCDC Co-Coordinators and Sharon Shinkle Gardener and Charmi Patel-Pena to serve as MCDC Co-Vice Coordinators, for the Mercer Blue Wave Biden Campaign.  Next week and post-Labor Day, MCDC will be announcing a series of campaign activities and events and coordinators.  We will be reaching out to involve everyone who is interested in every part of Mercer County in this critical united effort.

“Let’s stand together, work together.  Together we will rise.”

Senator Cory Booker

WE ALL NEED TO BE ALL IN!!!  74 days and Counting!!

Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson