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 Identify one hour or more where you can directly engage, and commit to doing all you can toward ELECTION VICTORIES FOR AMERICA! 

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Let’s not forget what it felt like back on November 8, 2016, to be emotionally crushed by the stunning results.  Let’s make sure we never have to feel that way again, and that every one of us can say we helped change the course of history in 2020.  Pennsylvania was game changing in 2016, and every political pundit is saying if Pennsylvania goes Biden, he will be the next President! Let’s as MCDC Take Action to help TURN PA BLUE!!  And Take Action to keep the New Jersey BLUE WAVE!


MCDC Virtual Campaign Activities for this week:

PA “NO-CONTACT” LITERATURE DROPS/CANVASSING.Meet-up & leave from Bucks County HQ located at 36 West Bridge Street, New   Hope, PA.  Volunteers will simply leave a door-hanger
or brochure at the house,  rather than engaging in conversation.  
Shift times, which can be flexible, are:
Saturday: 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm / Sunday: 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm.
Monday-Thursday: 12 pm, 5 pm.
CLICK HERE, to sign up.  Then send an email to the MCDC 4 PA Biden team to indicate when you are coming, to
Jay Vaingankar:

Mercer County Democrats Unified PA DAY OF ACTION
On Saturday, October 31, 10 am, at Bucks County HQ located at 36 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA.  Mercer County Democrats will meet up for a canvass/literature drop or voter education session together.
While heading into the final stretch of the election this is a great way for Mercer Democrats to unify to make a difference.  If you can attend RSVP to,
Jay Vaingankar:

Volunteers are posted in the parking lot of the Levittown County Board of Elections office, to ensure that the site is welcoming to voters, and in the parking lots of early vote centers to educate voters on their rights and options,
and ensure that all voters are using the secrecy envelope.
Sign-up by emailing
Jay Vaingankar:

It would be great to see you on one of our Mercer Phone banks, it’s a great chance to campaign and connect , but if you can’t make them, there are still ways to make a difference for Biden Harris.
 Make Phone calls into swing states on your own schedule  CLICK HERE
 Send texts into swing states on your own schedule CLICK HERE

We have a limited number of lawn signs available!

Contact your town captain if you are interested in getting a sign!

Our MCDC 2020 Rising Stars GOTV celebration was a rousing success! 

CLICK HERE to View Entire Program

Thank you to our generous sponsors and all who joined us.

Get Involved and Get in the MCDC Spirit!
8 days and Counting!! 

Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson