Open Leadership Meeting

Saturday, December 12 at 9:30 A.M. via zoom.  All Welcome.  Link will follow in future communications.

THANK YOU’S for Mercer Blue Wave Campaign 2020:   BIG Shout-Outs to County Coordinators Cathleen Lewis and Cordelia Staton — as well as to Sharon Shinkle Gardener, Charmi Patel-Pena, David Sandahl, David Chait, Bianca Jerez, Chris Donnelly, Ed Gittens, and also to Alice Weisman, Joe Forte, Seth Levin.

THANK YOU’S to our Great Campaign Municipal Team

East Windsor – Captain David Russell, Deputy John Donnelly;  Ewing – Captain Carl Benedetti, Jr., Deputy Athina Fassu;  Hamilton – Captain Council Member Rick Tighe, Deputy Sarah Kevett;  Hightstown — Council Member Susan Bluth;  Hopewell Valley – Captain Chris Malikschmitt;  Lawrence – Captain Council Member John Ryan, Deputy Olympia I’liou Perry;  Princeton – Owen O’Donnell;  Robbinsville – Captain Carol Ann Blank;  Trenton – Captain David Ponton, Deputies Teska Frisby, Yazminelly Gonzalez;  West Windsor – Captain Mario Martins, Deputy Tom Calabria.

And Thank You to every single person and every group, who joined in our MCDC efforts, in any way, with a phone call, text, postcard, sign, community voter engagement.  Everyone together helped make a difference!!

Georgia on my mind  — Many opportunities are offered to assist in the two deciding Senate races in the Biden-turned blue state of Georgia!  Several Mercer County groups including Hamilton, Robbinsville and Hopewell have initiated localized support efforts.

52 Days and Counting till the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris:  Amen!
In Unity,

Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson