Fellow Democrats

This week, we watched in sadness and horror as a violent mob, incited by President Trump, laid siege to our US Capitol, causing deaths and damage to the building some refer to as “the cathedral of our democracy.”

This attempted coup, this effort to undermine and overturn our free elections was a despicable attack on every American and our democratic institutions.  Globally, this show of anti-democratic violence in the heart of Washington D.C. stunned our friends and allies, and gave aid and comfort to those who wish us ill and seek to diminish our standing.  In the midst of the deaths, destruction and personal threats, the Congress reconvened that same night to complete their job to certify the election of President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris.  Our election system overcame;  but this episode, fed by lies and hate and authoritarian tendency, underscores that preservation of democracy depends upon our support and vigilance as Americans.   These terroristic actions and those officials who would add their names and words to support and further them can never be forgotten.

On the upbeat sunny side, Democrats can celebrate the exciting and historic election of two new U.S. Senators in, traditionally red trending purple Georgia, RAPHAEL WARNOCK and JON OSSOFF!  Thanks to the many Mercer County Democrats who reached out and took part in these important Senate races, as we did in the November Presidential election.  What a difference it will make for America!

At the Mercer County Reorganization Meeting on January 8, County Commissioner SAMUEL FRISBY was elected Board Chair and County Commissioner NINA MELKER was elected Board Vice Chair for 2021.  Congratulations to our friends Sam and Nina!

Shout-Out to Mercer’s own ALANA BURMAN who was elected as President of the New Jersey Federation of Democratic Women!

2020 was a challenging year — personally, governmentally, politically — but we made it through together with positive leaders, effective partnerships and personal acts of kindness.  And our new mastery of Zoom and similar communication platforms.  My personal appreciation to the many people who were an important part of our Democratic Party community and successes in 2020.

Wishes for a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year of 2021! 

In Unity for Victory,

Mayor Janice Mironov
Mercer County Democratic Chairperson